Junior Tennis

Summer Program Registration now open!

Getting Started

Need to determine your child’s level? We offer evaluations to help place them into our programs. These should be done prior to session registration, no evaluation is necessary to register for novice clinics. Age will be determined by the student’s actual age as of the last day of the session they are registering for. Please contact the Tennis Office for more information on our evaluation policy or to set up an evaluation by phone at 781-899-5000 x30 or by email at wacdirector@comcast.net.

Most correspondence is done by email, however registrations need to be done in person or by phone. If you do not receive emails from us, please email us with your child’s age and level and we will assist you in proper class placement.

Junior Tennis Registration Form

Age Categories & Ability Levels

Age categories of students – 8 & under, 10 & under, 12 & under and 18 & under. Age will be determined by the students actual age as of the the last day of that registration session.

Rising Stars – This class is for preschool and kindergarten children ages 4-6 who have little or no tennis experience. This 45- minute class is an active and fun introduction to the game of tennis.

Novice Level – This level will be for students who have little or no tennis experience and will introduce them to basic strokes. They will learn to hit the ball over the net in a feeding drill. They should be able to sustain a short rally in mini tennis. They will not be able to serve at this level.

Intermediate level – Students at this level will be able to sustain a rally from the baseline. They will be working on proper grips. They will start to learn how to serve and will be introduced to actual game play of both singles and doubles.

Advanced level – Students at this level are committed to improving their games. They have the ability to hit volleys, overheads, approach shots and serves. They are working on proper footwork, technique along with learning game strategy and shot selection. Most will play more than once a week. Players in this level are working toward playing High School Varsity Tennis.

Playdays – This very popular part of our junior program is offered to advanced players only. This is organized match play, supervised by one of our staff pros. This is a way for each student to be able to play at least a second time each week. It is offered on Saturdays and Sundays from 6-8pm. There will be a weekly signup at the front desk as space is limited. Each week the student can sign up for one play day or the other and the cost is included in the price of the program. There are no Sunday Playdays in the 4th Session.


**Our program is designed to ensure proper placement of students based on their age and ability. Final level placement is determined by our professional tennis staff and is relative to benchmark players at each level within our program.